Accelerate Your Painting Business With Automation

Use automation as a 24/7 partner in your work. Effortlessly manage your data. Thank us later when you take a vacation for the first time in 5 years.

Integrated Workflow

Gone are the days of skilled employees copying and pasting. We connect your apps and eliminate repeated data entry. Make your apps play nicely on the playground. No bullies allowed.

Real-Time Reporting

We build custom dashboards for you to see all of the KPIs in your business without pulling up 10 spreadsheets. No need to call a psychic to forecast your numbers.

Meeting with Experts

Talk with our team of experts and fractional CTOs to get all of your questions answered proactively. We get it. You are busy. We won't waste your time.  

Create a

Data Blueprint

You don't build a house without a blueprint, so why would you build your tech stack without one? Our process starts with a thorough mapping of what data you need and how you plan to use it. Know that the data you are collecting is clean and useful. Map a plan to share that data across multiple apps and systems.

Clean Up Your Data

When your data is dirty, your reports are dirty. You clean your paintbrushes, and we will clean your data.

Create the Map

Map out where your data needs to go and what it will do for you; trust us on this, you will thank yourself later.


Your Apps

The average painting company uses between 7-12 applications to run their business, and none of them talk to each other out of the box. Once we get them talking, the magic happens. This helps you eliminate 80% of data entry!

Choose the Right Ones

Our team helps you decide what you are needing from your apps, and if they are the right ones. We've done the work of talking to all of the major painting apps and softwares. We know what they can do for you.

Connect Them All

It's like creating a custom software for your business, but without the expense and the need to maintain it! Connect the tools that are already designed to help each part of your painting business.

Establish Your

Source of Truth

Gone are the days of exporting CSV files from three different applications to generate your monthly reports. Streamline your process with a single database that houses all the info for all your projects. Spend time making decisions instead of making reports!

Keep it Consistent

Consistently sync data to make sure everyone has access to the same stuff. We make it simple, once your apps are integrated.

Keep it On-system

Get immediate feedback when data is missing or when forms are filled out incorrectly, so they can be fixed right away.