Take Control of Your Reputation

Get more leads, close more sales, and create a happy team with Boolean as your co-pilot. We help you reward great performance and incentivize customer referrals.

We Help You

Get More Leads

Close More Deals

Get Customer Feedback

Heading four

Automated Google Review Requests

Create highly customized templates to run in autopilot while you spend time talking to happy customers.

Real-Time Reporting

Know exactly who your evangelist customers are and how they can drive more leads for you.

Employee Reward Programs

Tell your team how awesome they are, and make it fun! Use a carrot, not a stick, to make momentum.

Customized Requests

Always Automated

While we all know Google reviews are important, most people tend to ask for them when things are slow, and forget to ask when they are busy. Sound familiar? Put it on auto-pilot so that you know your busy season is creating traction on Google to feed your slower seasons and get more leads.

Highly Customized

Make authentic review requests easy by allowing our team to build customizable, dynamic templates that will remind your customer why they love you.

Catch 'Em Happy

We make sure your requests reach your customers when they are ecstatic about your work and want to show their house off to the world.

Lead Your Team

With a Carrot

You've heard the saying that you can lead a horse with a carrot or prod them along with a stick? Instead of waiting to talk to your team when you know there is a problem, reward them for their awesome work, and watch as every other teammate begins to rise to the occasion.

Customized Shout-Outs

You'll get timely rewards in the mail to make sure your team feels the love from their customers on Google.

A Winning Culture

Happy employees will stick with you for the long haul, through the roller coaster of growing your business.

Confidently Make

Data-Driven Decisions

You can rest-assured knowing that your Boolean Dashboard and monthly/quarterly reports are giving you insight into how your future customers are seeing you. We know that you want better reporting on marketing and sales. Remove the guessing from the game and act with confidence.

Advanced Reporting

We offer advanced reporting for our businesses ready to rocket to another realm. No more guessing games; get clarity.

Actionable Intel

Find out where you are spending (or wasting) marketing money and how you can increase close rates.


For the one-man show that is ready to grow.
Get Started
For the small team that is building the dream.
Get Started
For the large crews looking to crush reviews.
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Core Features
Our Core Technical Stack
Send Unlimited Review Requests
No limits or up-charges for growing your business.
Email Requests
Email review requests to customers directly.
Reminder Messages
Sends a reminder to increase conversion.
Account Seats
Number of "lead employees" customized on messages.
SMS Requests
Send from your own VOIP account, or default to ours.
Dynamic Features
Differentiate Yourself with Customization
Custom Job Types
Include details on the type of work done for the request.
Dynamic Headshots
Include the headshot of the "lead employee" listed.
Custom GIFs
Select from GIF templates to maximize impact.
Custom Email Footer
Include your branded footer in the emails sent.
SEO Keywords
Suggest SEO keywords to customers in the messages.
Multiple Google Listings
Send customers dynamically to different GBP locations.
Bundle 2+ Add-Ons and Get a 3rd FREE
Five Star Program
Team incentives and awards mailed to you.
SEO/SEM Audit Report Quarterly
Quarterly reports (averaged over monthly payments).
Website Review Widget
Displays recent reviews to leads on your site.
Customer Referral Campaign
Sends follow-up campaigns to incentivize referrals.
$50/mo POPULAR
Kickstart Campaign
Send requests to past customers when you're activated.
$500 One-Time POPULAR
$500 One-Time
$500 One-Time
Advanced Marketing Reporting
Displays a dashboard of detailed marketing KPIs.
Custom Pricing
Custom Pricing
Custom Pricing
Advanced Sales Reporting
Displays a dashboard of detailed sales KPIs.
Custom Pricing
Custom Pricing
Custom Pricing